Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice is a “victim-sensitive response to criminal offending, which through engagement with those affected by crime, aims to make amends for the harm that has been caused to victims and communities and which facilitates offender rehabilitation and integration into society” (National commission on Restorative  Justice, 2009).

Le Chéile Restorative Justice Pilot Project is an innovative service which was established in Limerick city in 2010.

Le Chéile’s Restorative Justice Project uses five models of restorative justice in its work with young people:

  • Victim Empathy Programme
  • Reparation
  • Victim / Offender Mediation
  • Victim Impact Panels
  • Restorative Justice Conference

The Restorative Justice Project is funded by the Probation Service and Limerick City & County Council.

The Restorative Justice Project Evaluation and Return on Social Investment Study is now available to download here


This is the process of redressing the harm done to the victim while holding the offender accountable to his/her actions....

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Victim / Offender Mediation

The victim and offender, helped by a facilitator, communicate with one another. Questions may be asked, information exchanged and an...

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Victim Impact Panels

Victim Impact panels provide a forum for crime victims to tell the young offenders about the impact of the crime...

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Restorative Justice Conference

Supporters, as well as victim and offender, meet together in a conference with a trained facilitator. Outcome agreements set out...

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Reparation Host Agency Information

Le Chéile is looking for reparation host agencies that have activities or services available for reparation within the community. Reparation...

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