Strengthening Families Programme

2021 Grant Application is now available

Grants are now available to fund Strengthening Families Programmes for referrals from the Probation Service.

The criteria used by Le Chéile when reviewing grant applications is as follows;

  • Le Chéile Strengthening Families Programme Contact Person in your region has been contacted by the Steering Committee regarding your intention to submit a funding application.
  • Applications will only be considered from areas where Le Chéile has a presence.
  • Probation Services and any other Youth Justice agencies in the area have been approached and informed of your intention to submit a funding application and run a Strengthening Families Programme.
  • There are sufficient numbers of Probation referrals identified for a programme (that is the number of families with one or more young person/adult on probation).
  • There are sufficient numbers of other Youth Justice referrals identified for a programme.
  • The funding application has been signed off by the Senior Probation Officer in the region.
  • The proposed programme has the necessary arrangements in place to run a Strengthening Families Programme.  These are noted on the Checklist on page 7 of the application form.

If you have any questions about your application, please contact:

Southern Region:

Name: Ailbe Coleman,


Phone: 086 3864576

Eastern Region:

Name: Lyndsey McCabe


Phone: 087 2916145

Closing date for grant applications is on or before close of business on Tuesday, 8th June 2021. 

SFP Funding Form 2021

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