Information for Volunteers

As a volunteer working with Le Chéile, you can play an active role in your community and help with crime reduction.

A Young Person is referred to the project and they agree by contract to complete a certain piece of work. By completing this contract, the young person gives back to the community for the harm that was done, and takes responsibility for their actions.

Volunteers will meet the young person at the place where they will do their contract, for example at a community, sports or youth centre and will supervise and support the young person. The volunteer ensures that the young person does the contract and reports back to the co-ordinator whether this is the case or not.

Volunteers work one-to-one with the young person over a short, fixed period of time, meeting once a week for up to 3 hours.

Le Cheile Restorative Justice Project is also seeking volunteers for individuals who have been a victim of crime and may wish to go on a Victim Impact Panel. Training, support and supervision will be provided by the Le Cheile Restorative Justice Project.

For more information and an application pack, please click here.

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