Limerick’s Restorative Heart on the Move

14 March 2014  Limerick’s Restorative Heart has left its February home of the West End Youth Centre for Ceim Ar Chéim. The Restorative Heart got a great welcome from all at the centre and will stay there until the beginning of April.

Ceim ar Chéim is a training centre based in Moyross, Limerick which provides programmes for young people from 15-25 yrs who may be clients of the Probation Service or at risk of offending, and helps them to address anti-social attitudes and behaviours.

The Restorative Heart was launched at Le Chéile Restorative Justice Project’s Annual Conference last November to embody the conference’s theme of ‘‘Repair, Rebuild, Restore.’

The Restorative Heart is a wooden sculpture that all conference delegates contributed to and which is travelling around the city to take pride of place in communities, schools and projects across the Limerick in 2014.

If your organisation is interested in hosting the Restorative Heart, please contact Mary Henihan on 0870678336 or  The Heart was made by Desina Grafix.

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