National Volunteer Week 2017 – Do Good Feel Good

As we begin National Volunteer Week 2017, Le Chéile would like to take a moment to remind all our volunteers just how important you are to the young people and parents you work with. As you may know, we recently completed an independent evaluation of our mentoring service and were delighted to see the role of volunteers, supported by Le Chéile staff, highlighted as a key strength. Mentees view our mentors as impartial, outside the system and are trusted because they willingly give their own time on a voluntary basis.

However it is not only those who receive a service from Le Chéile who benefit from the voluntary nature of our work, time and again we hear from volunteers just how much they are getting out of their involvement with Le Chéile.

I want to pay tribute to the hundreds of volunteers who have played their part in supporting young people and their parents/carers since Le Chéile began in 2005.

Anne Conroy

CEO, Le Chéile

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