National Volunteering Week 2014

National Volunteering Week celebrates the amazing work that volunteers do around Ireland every week, and encourage everyone to give volunteering a try.

At Le Chéile, we’d like to pay tribute to our volunteers who work tirelessly to give much needed support to vulnerable young people and their families.  The young people we work with often have so much going on in their lives and meeting once a week with a positive and supportive adult to chat, explore goals, or sometimes just having a laugh, makes a difference and encourages them to make better choices.

It works.  Quite often, we’re told by the Probation Officer or family that this is the first time the young person has actually engaged in a service.

This is the very real difference our volunteers make.  Thank you for volunteering with Le Chéile.

When it comes to volunteering, everyone has something to give and so much to gain from getting

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