Reparation Host Agency Information

Le Chéile is looking for reparation host agencies that have activities or services available for reparation within the community.

Reparation enables the young person who has committed the offence makes amends to the community by fulfilling a contract that has been agreed upon by the Restorative Justice Project. Both victim and offender will be involved in reaching this decision.

For a young person carrying out a reparation contract, Le Cheile Restorative Justice Project is very much focused on educating and promoting a new way of thinking in terms of Restorative Justice Practices within our local communities. In doing this Le Cheile Restorative Justice Project is seeking community support in order to harness young offenders through appropriate structures and activities.

Reparation within the project will include a particular piece of work to be completed within a fixed amount of time.

Reparation Host Agencies will be provided with the young person’ reparation contract prior to the first meeting. The contract will include names, contact details, dates, times and details of reparation.

All young people will be assessed and prepared for reparation prior to commencement.
Le Chéile will appoint a volunteer/worker who will supervise the young person as he/she completes the requirements of the reparation. This volunteer is responsible for alerting the RJ co-ordinator if the young person fails to comply with the terms of the reparation. The Restorative Justice Project will be fully responsible for the support and supervision of the volunteer working with the young people within the project.

This module is currently being developed – for more information, please contact Mary Henihan on 087-0678336 / or Leanne Keely on 087-9939758 /

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