SFP Grant Applications – Now Closed

**The closing date has now passed – Applications will no longer be accepted.**

Grants are now available to fund Strengthening Families Programmes for referrals from the Probation Service.

The criteria used by Le Chéile when reviewing grant applications is as follows;

  • Le Chéile Strengthening Families Programme Contact Person in your region has been contacted by the Steering Committee regarding your intention to submit a funding application.
  • Applications will only be considered from areas where Le Chéile has a presence.
  • Probation Services and any other Youth Justice agencies in the area have been approached and informed of your intention to submit a funding application and run a Strengthening Families Programme.
  • There are sufficient numbers of Probation referrals identified for a programme (that is the number of families with one or more young person/adult on probation).
  • There are sufficient numbers of other Youth Justice referrals identified for a programme.
  • The funding application has been signed off by the Senior Probation Officer in the region.
  • The proposed programme has the necessary arrangements in place to run a Strengthening Families Programme.  These are noted on the Checklist on page 7 of the application form.

If you have any questions about your application, please contact:

Southern Region:

Name: Ailbe Coleman,

Email: ailbecoleman@lecheile.ie

Phone: 086 3864576

Eastern Region:

Name: Lyndsey McCabe

Email: lyndsey@lecheile.ie

Phone: 087 2916145

Closing date for grant applications is on or before close of business on Tuesday, 8th June 2021. 

SFP Funding Form 2021

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