SPF Evaluation

Lutra Group carry out an evaluation of the SFP programme for a cost. The following documents should be completed if an evaluation is part of the funding agreement with Le Chéile. These should either be sent by the Steering committee directly to Lutra group or sent to Le Chéile for submission to Lutra group. Please discuss this process with your local co-ordinator beforehand.


The documents are as follows:

  • Excel spreadsheet-Participant Returns – this spreadsheet captures key data of every participant of the Strengthening Families programme. In order to complete this, it’s best to keep an attendance record for each person on the SFP. There is some sample data on the sheet as a demonstration.
  • The Site Information Survey – this 3 page report is completed by the Site Co-ordinator at the end of the programme.
  • Parent Retro pre/post  questionnaire: Each parent on the programme completes this questionnaire at either session twelve an/or session thirteen an/or session fourteen on the night of the programme.  We strongly advise against the posting out of these questionnaires to the Referral Agents unless you are absolutely confident that the Referral Agent will get this done with the family immediately after the programme.  These should be hard copies and returned by post.


Please ensure that all documents are completed properly when submitting them as Le Chéile will not be responsible for checking these before submitting to Lutra.

A copy of each of the above forms should be kept by the steering committees before posting in case they get lost in the post.

Regarding dates of births, if they are not available or accessible there is no problem to leave them blank.

The deadline for return of all of these documents is 4 weeks following session fourteen of the programme.


Please note that should your programme return less than six parent questionnaires in total then the Lutra recommend that this does not represent good value for money as regards the overall cost of the evaluation versus the small number of questionnaires. Please also note that should your questionnaires be done by the parents at different dates and times, then this can have a negative impact on the evaluation, example: if half the questionnaires are completed at session thirteen and the other half are done with parents two months following the programme.  The timeframe of completion of questionnaires should be the same for all.


More details on the Lutra evaluation can be accessed here : http://www.strengtheningfamiliesprogram.org/evaluation.html


Le Chéile are not responsible for any quality or timing issues in relation to Lutra evaluations and for any questions or queries in relation to the evaluations please consult your steering committee; the information pack or the Lutra evaluators directly:

LutraGroup SP
5215 Pioneer Fork Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84108-1678
Phone: +1 801 583-4601
Fax: +1 801 583-7979
Email: hwhiteside@lutragroup.com

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