Victim Impact Panels

Victim Impact panels provide a forum for crime victims to tell the young offenders about the impact of the crime on their lives and on their lives of their families, friends and neighbours.

Le Chéile’s Restorative Justice Project aims to provide a safe and appropriate environment in which those impacted by crime can talk about the impact of the crime on their lives.  With the aim of enabling young offenders aged 12 to 18 years to gain a greater insight into the impact that crime has had on the victim, their family and also the community.


Benefits for the victim


The victim panel aims to:

  • Help offenders understand the impact of their crimes on victims and communities.
  • Provides victims with a structured, positive outlet to share their personal experiences and to educate offenders, justice professionals, and others about the physical, emotional and financial consequences of crime.
  • Build a partnership among victim providers and justice agencies that can raise the individual community awareness of the short and long-term impacts of crime.

If you have been a victim of crime and wish to “tell your story”, please contact Le Cheile Restorative Justice Project as training, support and supervision will be provided for individuals who would like to participate in this process. Le Chéile’s Volunteer recruitment policies and procedures apply.


If you have been affected by a crime, either as a victim or witness, and
feel in need of support, there are services available to support you. covers Cork, Limerick, South Tipperary, Waterford and Clare, and is free, easily accessible, 100% confidential, and available to all persons affected by crime.

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