Youth Mentor

Le Chéile’s mentors act as positive role models, advisors and friends to young people, aged 12-21.  They are supportive adults whose role is to encourage a young person to get involved in new hobbies and reach goals, diverting a young person away from offending.  A mentor supports a young person make more positive choices, giving them better options for the future.

Why volunteer as a mentor-

As a mentor you’ll meet once a week with a young person for 2-3 hours.  Mentoring activities are based on getting to know one another through fun activities, shared interests, working together on goals a young person has identified, and trying new hobbies and activities.

Activities you could do with your mentee include cinema, meeting for a bite to eat, snooker or bowling, evening classes, the driver theory test, or simply chatting and supporting them with issues affecting their lives.

Le Chéile’s volunteers come from all walks of life and no experience is required, just a genuine interest in working with young people.  Full training is provided to all volunteers, and you have ongoing support from your local coordinator. We ask that you commit to volunteering with us for 1 year.  We also provide ongoing training, and volunteer recognition events for our volunteers!

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