Case Study: Connor and Adam

Connor was 16 when he was referred to Le Chéile, after a conviction for burglary.  His Probation Officer felt he had poor-self-esteem, and was quite isolated.    With no positive male role models in his life, Connor was matched with Mentor Adam.  Connor immediately warmed to the idea of mentoring, and was enthusiastic from the start.

Connor and Adam have a really positive relationship, and Connor has talked to his Probation Officer about how Adam supported him in achieving his goals.  With Adam, Connor has tried new sports, activities and hobbies, and visited new places of interest like museums and attractions that he had never had previously visited.  The mentoring sessions have also given Connor space just to talk things through if anything is bothering.

As part of a mentoring activity, Connor wanted to share his experience of being involved in the justice system at such a young age as a deterrent for other people his age who sometimes claim to have no fear about getting in trouble with the law.  Connor wanted to tell his story and hopes that his story can be shine a light on the reality of how offending behaviour really affects to life of the young person.

Connor comes from a family where several of his relatives are serving time in prison for serious crimes.  Adam constantly remarks at how impressed he is by Connor’s determination to turn his life around.  Adam says, “He genuinely seems interested in bettering himself.  He is always on time and is never in a hurry to get away.  I am very impressed at his enthusiasm and I really believe he has massive potential.

Connor seems to flourish with the positive attention and encouragement from his mentor, and really seems to prosper and believe in himself more since he started mentoring with Le Chéile.  With Le Cheile’s assistance, Connor has since begun a course in IT, helping him on his path of attaining a dream job as a computer programmer.


*Names and some details have been changed to protect identities*