Volunteer Survey 2020 Results

Le Chéile’s Volunteer Survey forms part of our commitment to ensuring volunteers feel heard and supported by us in the work that they do with young people and parents. We would like to thank all volunteers that took the time to complete the survey. We had 123 responses in total from across the country and every project was represented. Your feedback will help us to ensure that the needs, wishes and opinions of volunteers are respected and considered in organisational decisions.

The results are overwhelmingly positive and we’re delighted to have maintained this standard from previous years. 92% of respondents rated their overall experience of volunteering with Le Chéile as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.

Volunteers were very positive about the overall support they receive from their Coordinators/Project Officers, with an impressive 96% of respondents rating it ‘very good’ or ‘excellent.’

We were delighted to find that 99% of respondents rated induction training as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ and 97% of respondents rated ongoing training as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.

This year, we also had a specific request for suggestions and ideas for inclusion as part of the national volunteer conference and the development of a new organisational strategy. We received almost 200 suggestions for each question, which have already proven useful in setting the agenda for the conference workshops and the direction of the new strategy.

We hope we can continue this high level of satisfaction and will be working hard to ensure all our volunteers feel happy and satisfied in their volunteering work. We’ll continue to ensure that induction training, ongoing training, and supervision meets volunteers’ needs. Thanks again to those that completed the survey – we really appreciate your feedback.




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