Family Support Programmes

Le Chéile provides a range of parenting programmes and can also link parents to programmes available in their locality, such as Parenting Together or Strengthening Families Programme.

Parenting Together

Parenting Together (also known as Non-Violent Resistance Parenting) is a programme for parents and carers experiencing child to parent abuse. The programme, which can be run in a group or one to one, aims to empower and support parents in preventing and responding to controlling and violent behaviour by children and young people.

Strengthening Families

Le Chéile coordinates and funds Strengthening Families Programme (SFP) on behalf of the Probation Service, providing support to local steering committees.  SFP is an evidence-based, whole family skills training programme, designed to work with high stress families, including families with drug and alcohol issues. SFP has been proven to help build communication skills, decrease risk factors in families and reduce negative behaviours in children.

Family Support Interventions

The overall aim of family support interventions in Le Cheile is to improve the wellbeing of parents and their children by providing support at a challenging/ difficult time. By doing so Le Cheile is recognising the vital role of the family in the life of the young person or parent, and its significance in terms of supporting positive outcomes and preventing re-offending. Interventions include signposting the family for a referral to a to a family support service and /or funding family events or meals.

“They were patient, compassionate, kind, supportive and always looking for signs of my improving sense of self and wellness and happiness.”

Parent that took part in a parenting programme