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Restrictions on volunteering:
Le Chéile recognises that people from the helping professions and the criminal justice sector may wish to volunteer as a Mentor with us and we acknowledge this with good intent. However in order to avoid any perception of a conflict of interest, there are restrictions on volunteering for some professions. This applies to serving probation staff, court personnel, Gardai and prison officers.

Please tick to indicate you are not in one of these restricted groups.
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1. Personal Details

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2. Volunteering

3. Availability

4. Convictions

(Answering 'yes' to this question will not necessarily exclude you from volunteering with us. All offences must be noted if they occurred less that 7 years ago, while minor road traffic and other minor offences incurred over 7 years ago are considered ‘spent’ and may be omitted. Please see our Volunteering Information booklet for more information on whether you should list a charge or conviction)

Volunteer References
Please provide the name and contact details of two responsible people willing to act as your referees. Please note that referees should not be friends or family members. Where possible we look for references from a current/most recent employer, volunteering organisation or academic institution. Le Chéile will contact referees directly if successful at interview.
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5. Declaration

  • All information provided, is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
  • I have listed convictions and charges.
  • I will inform Le Chéile without delay of any future convictions or charges
  • I understand that if I break Le Chéile policy or if any conduct comes to light, which would bring my suitability to volunteer into question that I will be disengaged.
  • I understand I may be re-vetted at any time while volunteering with Le Chéile.
  • I understand that if successful at interview, Le Chéile will contact the people I have given as referees.

How did you find out about volunteering with Le Chéile?

Data Privacy:
By submitting this form you are consenting to Le Chéile processing the personal data you have provided as per our privacy notice which can be found on our website. Le Chéile will keep your application until recruitment is completed. Unsuccessful applications will be retained for 6 months following decisions on applications. Information in your application may be anonymised and used for statistical or equality monitoring purposes.

Safeguarding Statement:
Le Chéile is committed to the safety and well-being of young people and vulnerable adults. Le Chéile will report to all relevant authorities any person who attempts to undertake volunteering work with Le Chéile while they are disqualified from or prohibited from being with or near young people or vulnerable adults.

Mentoring Requirements:
Because mentoring can be activity based, mentors should be in good physical health and able to manage and undertake activities with their mentee.