Parent Mentoring

Parent mentoring forms part of a wraparound service for young people. We work with the parents or carers of young people that are either at risk of offending, on Probation or in detention.

What is parent mentoring?

Parent Mentoring is also a one-to-one support that matches a volunteer mentor with the parent or carer of a young person that has offended or is at risk of offending.

What do mentors do?

Parent mentoring helps parents or carers develop their own parenting skills and gives support with parenting issues.

What is involved?

Mentoring sessions also take place weekly for up to three hours. The focus of mentoring sessions is to provide a non-judgemental time and space outside the family home to parents under pressure.

What are the outcomes?

Parents who are mentored show improved self-confidence and emotional well-being, as well as increased hopefulness and ability to manage stress. In turn, this can then lead to improved family relationships and greater involvement in activities outside the home.

Although most of the parents/carers we work with are referred through the Probation Service, we also work with the parents/carers of young people who are referred to us by the Garda Youth Diversion Projects.

We also work directly with the parents/carers of young people who are in detention in Oberstown Children Detention Campus. This service aims to offer support to these parents/carers that will help them when their child is released from Oberstown. This represents a one-of-a-kind programme in Ireland.

“It gives you someone to talk to, a bit of support, because support is very limited where parents are concerned. She doesn’t judge, she’s open minded, very down to earth, great sense of humour, easy to talk to and she makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.”

Parent talking about their Mentor

Information for Parents

If you have been referred to Le Chéile and you would like to find out more about what is involved, click the link below. Here you can find out more about what mentoring is, who your mentor will be, what is involved in a mentoring session and what you can expect to get out of it.