Information for Parents

What is a Parent Mentor?

A Parent Mentor is a member of the community who gives their time on a voluntary (unpaid) basis to Le Chéile. Parent Mentors are over 25 years old and are able to offer the parent some support and general guidance; they can also discuss parenting issues with you on a regular basis.

Parent Mentors undergo a thorough recruitment procedure, including individual interview, Garda check, reference check, identification check and all Parent Mentors are required to attend an intensive training course.

Parent Mentors are chosen primarily because of their ability to listen, their understanding of the needs of the parents, their ability to work with parents and to deal with parenting issues, their motivation and their positivity.

What does Parent Mentoring involve?

You will meet with your Parent Mentor for a bout three hours a week outside of the home. For the first few weeks you may wish to meet for coffee, go to the cinema and focus on building a relationships with your Mentor.

After that you can start to set out achievable goals together. These may involve working on parenting issues, stress management, motivation and building confidence in parenting.

How long does Parent Mentoring last?

You will be assigned a Mentor for up to three hours a week for the length of time that your young person is involved with Le Chéile or Young Persons Probation. This could be anything from 6 months to 2 years. However you can choose to end your Parent Mentoring relationship before then if you feel you no longer need the service.

How do I get involved?

You many have already been asked to join the project your teen’s Probation Officer or by a member of Le Chéile in which case please contact them on the number which you have been provided. Alternatively, once you have a young person who is involved with Young Persons Probation you can contact us directly through the details provided in contact us and we will provide you with all of the information proofed that you require in order to join.

What will it cost?

Nothing! All activities and costs are paid for by Le Chéile and funded through the Probation Service. Le Chéile may also fund child minding services in limited circumstances where required.

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