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Mentoring Information for Young People

.If you have been referred to Le Chéile for mentoring, we know that you might have a few questions and you might want to find out more. We have put together some information below that tells you a little about what we do, what mentoring is all about and what it means for you.

Check out our video ‘What is Youth Mentoring’ below. 


What does Le Chéile do?

Le Chéile Mentoring provides a volunteer mentoring and family support service. We work with young people and their families, where the young person is at risk of offending or in need of mentoring support.

We work with the Probation Service, the Gardaí, Oberstown and some other local organisations. 

A Mentor is a member of the community who gives their time on a voluntary (unpaid) basis to Le Chéile. Mentors with Le Chéile all come from different backgrounds and have different life experience. They will get to know you, listen and offer support where they can. We will try and match you with a Mentor that has similar interests. All of our Mentors have done training, provided references and gone through Garda Vetting.

What is mentoring and who is your Mentor?


Quote from a young person that took part

“My mentor, he’s been really good to me. He’s been giving me a lot of advice. Back in the day I probably wouldn’t have listened to him but I’ve actually listened this time and I think it’s because we have the same interests and he has experience as well, like he’s been in situations like I’ve been in, so I really listen to him”

You will meet your Mentor once a week for between one and three hours. This is called a mentoring session and, during this time, you and your mentor will take part in different activities.

This could be getting something to eat, going for a walk, going to the cinema or playing pool.

What is involved in mentoring?

What will you get out of it?

As well as taking part in different activities each week, your Mentor can also help you with goals you may want to achieve by providing support.

Mentoring can also positively impact your final report with your Probation Officer, JLO or the person who referred you to Le Chéile.

All activities and costs, including your public transport costs, are paid for by Le Chéile and funded through the Probation Service and the Department of Justice.

What will it cost?

How long will you be with Le Chéile?

Your time with Le Chéile can last up to one year or more. This will depend on you and the person that referred you to us e.g. Probation Officer. You can choose to stop mentoring at any point, just let us know.

“I always leave the meeting feeling better and glad we met up”


Quote from a young person that took part

Complaints or concerns

If you have any complaints or concerns about any aspect of mentoring or Le Chéile, you can take a look at our Complaints Policy here for more information.

If you still have some questions and you want to find out more, please contact us using the form below and we would be happy to help.

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