Information for Young People

What is a Mentor?

A Le Chéile Mentor is a volunteer, aged 21 years and over. A Mentor will be able to offer some support and general guidance; they will also be a role model and friend for you.

What is Le Chéile?

Le Chéile is a service funded b the Probation Service. We work with people aged 12-21 years and up to 23 if suitable who are involved with the Probation Service. Le Chéile is Irish for “together” – we think that people can achieve more when they work together.

Why Do I Need a Mentor?

Your Probation Officer can give you a Mentor for lots of reasons. A mentor will be your friend, they will help you make choices in your life, and they will get involved in activities with you. A mentor will always listen to you; they won’t judge you and they’ll offer advice if you want it.

Where will we meet?

You’ll meet your mentor each week at your chosen activity. Your Mentor will pay for all expenses so don’t worry.

What will we do?

You will meet your mentor for a few hours every week to try new activities, to talk and to set some goals and challenges for both of you to work on.

Le Chéile will try to:

  • Help to set goals and see the different options open to you.
  • Help build your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Give you a positive role model.
  • Encourage you to try new activities.

 How we use your information

Le Chéile uses your information to manage each case and ensure the best service is provided to you.

As part of our ESF funding, we also share data with the European Union for statistical purposes.  This data is anonymous and you are not identified in it.

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