Restorative Justice Week Events

Le Chéile’s Restorative Justice Project and Limerick Restorative Practice Project are proud to present a series of events as part of this year’s Restorative Justice Week (22nd-26th November).


Monday 22nd November 1-2pm – Online Seminar “Working Restoratively: Public Perception vs Strategic Direction” 

The aim of this seminar is to determine if the general public believe that restorative interventions are worthwhile and beneficial to victims. We “professionals” might think the message is clear, but how clear is it actually? To find out we are going to do a vox pop with the public and get people’s reactions. Then on the 22nd we will have Dr. Ian Marder chair a panel discussion on the vox pop (which you’ll get to see and hear) with panelists such as Ursula Fernee, Probation Service, and other practitioners from the Irish RJ field. Should be a really interesting feedback exercise and discussion and will be a great opportunity to pose questions to experts in the field.

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Tuesday 23rd November 10-11:30am – Online Training “Art of Engagement – Janine Carroll” 

Back by popular demand this workshop, by one of the world’s leading experts, will show you how restorative enquiry can help various parties come to recognise their needs and what they need to do in order to help heal. It is an approach founded on restorative principles of respect, dignity, curiosity and autonomy and can be applied within the statutory agencies, but also within schools, families or the community. Janine Carroll herself is the director of Restorative Now. Based in London, she has 30 years experience in the field. The workshop is limited to just 24 places and will be first come, first served.

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Wednesday 24th November – “Narrative4 Story Exchange” 

What happens when five young people who have been through the criminal justice system and five Gardaí sit down together to share stories and inhabit the other person’s viewpoint and experience? This is what we aim to find out through the medium of Narrative4 story exchanges. Narrative4 believe the shortest distance between two people is a story and they operate all over the world helping to build empathy and break down barriers.

This event is invitation only.


Friday 26th November 10:30-1pm – “Human Library, ‘Harm’ Art Workshop and Restorative Circle – Limerick Milk Market ” 

To wrap up the week, there is a public event in the Milk Market, Limerick. As part of this there will be a “human library” where members of the public can meet various people involved in the criminal justice system and hear their stories as well as getting an opportunity to ask questions of front-line practitioners. In addition there is an art workshop where young people and adults can engage in a large art expressionism piece (no artistic talent required). And finally, at 12pm there is an opportunity to experience a restorative talking circle on the theme of covid, where people can reflect on experiences and learning, and hear from others (as well as experiencing what a talking circle is like).

This is an in-person event.


Download Restorative Justice Week Programme Poster here.